About STSW

We help residents and small business owners go solar using local installers and cost reductions through government grants.

What We Do

Southern Tier Solar Works is the clean energy outreach and marketing program of the Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition. We work across the region to spur affordable and efficient deployment of solar, energy efficiency and other clean energy solutions by helping to inform you about technologies, policies, and incentives. We support education and training of the energy professionals needed to grow the regional clean energy economy and reap its rewards in our communities.

What is Solarize?

Grassroots Solarize campaigns have been popping up all over the country in many different demographics. Solarize campaigns are locally-organized community outreach efforts aimed at getting area homes and businesses to install solar. Solarize campaigns bring together widespread community outreach and education, competitive installer selection, and a limited-time offer to bring more customers to solar and provide significant cost savings. We educate communities across New York State by holding solar workshops, where we cover the details of solar science and the resulting industry. In addition, these workshops allow us to introduce our prescreened installer partners to these communities.

Our Goals

Our goals for the future include continuing to strive towards a more environmentally responsible way of thinking in future generations. This can partially be achieved by beginning to shift from fossil fuels, to alternative sources of energy, including solar energy.