Solar Panels will need to be replaced every few years.


The life expectancy of brand new solar panels are 40 to 50 years. Most solar panels have a warranty of up to 25 years, and even so, after 25 years will still be 80% efficient. Source on Life Expectancy of Panels
My property value will decrease if I install solar panels.


Actually, property value can increase because of installed solar. Studies have shown that most neighbors will install solar if it is already installed on homes within the neighborhood. Solar communities have recently been very desirable on the housing market. In 2016, California homes saw an increase of $4 in property value for each kW their installed system could produce. 
A north facing roof means I cannot go solar.


Roofs that do not have a south facing orientation are still efficient. North facing roofs can be propped up, and angled towards sunlight. East or west facing roofs will capture some part of sunrise or sunset, so there will only be a slight decrease in the amount of electricity you would produce as opposed to the optimal south facing roof. There is also the possibility of installing panels on roofs of garages, sheds, and pergolas. Ground mounted solar systems in cleared areas are another possibility. Source on Compass Orientation Efficiency
My electricity will be $0 each month.


Only those systems (called Off-Grid) that have battery backup are able to produce electricity bills of $0. Those that do not have battery backups will still have a fee for connection to the grid. In the Southern Tier region, the connection fee with energy provider NYSEG is about $15 a month. Source of On The Grid Bills
The Southern Tier region is too cloudy. It would be inefficient to have solar energy.


Cloudy regions will still generate large amounts of electricity. Clouds disperse sunlight over the surface area of the solar panels. This means that the Total Annual Output of energy for a cloudy area can still be as large or equal to areas that have direct sunlight. The Binghamton area gets about 20% more sunlight than Germany, the world’s leader in solar energy. Source on Dispersed Sunlight
Solar panels are too hard to maintain.


Solar panels normally require little maintenance since there are no moving parts. If you live in a dusty or polluted area, you can spray warm water from a hose onto the surface to clear the debris every few months. Do not remove snow with any tools! To keep up with regular maintenance, contact your panels’ installer company to see if they provide a professional cleaning service. Source about Maintenance
I am a renter so I cannot harness solar energy.


Renters can harness the power of the sun through different methods. Best method is to simply own a share in a Community Shared Solar (CSS) Farm. It allows anyone to buy or rent solar panels, and supply energy remotely. The other options are to rent a solar home, get portable solar panels, or to install panels manually onto the property, or encourage the landlord to install solar panels. Source for Renters’ Solar Systems
I like solar panels because that means I won’t be connected to the grid.


Having solar panels on your house does not necessarily mean being off grid and not paying utility companies. One can only be off grid if one buys a backup battery to store the energy produced. However, this is an expensive option. The Electric Power Research Institute calculated the relative costs and estimates that off-grid solar costs four to eight times as much as grid-tied solar. Source for Off Grid and Battery