Why Solar Now?

  • The Southern Tier receives enough sunlight for solar energy

  • The solar industry is growing faster than the economy

  • The world could be powered by solar with 0.07% of its surface

  • Solar energy is forever, fossil fuels are not

  • Solar cell technology is improving faster than ever

Even though solar cells are cheaper than ever, government incentives are going to go down after 2018.

Solar Checklist

South Facing Roof

South facing roofs are the most efficient place to put your solar panels so having one is a good sign.


Your site cannot be too shaded by other building or trees. If there are trees obstructing the solar panels they may need to be trimmed or removed to have a viable site.

Roof Space

Your roof needs to have enough room to put solar panels. If your roof as many gables or chimneys this may add to the expense of your system.

Roof Age

If your roof is at its life expectancy or needs repairs, you should fix or replace your roof before going solar.

Financing Solar

State and Federal Incentives

State Tax Incentive


Up to $5000

Federal Tax Credit



0.40 $/Watt

Loans Available Through NYSERDA

On-Bill Recovery Loan

  • 3.49% – 7.99% Interest
  • $25,000 max
  • Loan paid for through utility bill
  • Balance transfers to new owners when house is sold

Smart Energy Loan

  • 3.99%-8.45% interest or
  • 3.49%-7.99% on autopay
  • $25,000 max
  • Standard unsecured loan on a separate bill


Components of a Solar Electric System

Solar Panel

The solar panel is the most recognizable part of the system. When light hits them they generate a DC electricity. This electricity is then sent to the inverter to be changed into the AC electricity that your home uses.


Inverters are the device that take the DC electricity that your solar panels produce and convert it into AC current. This Current is then sent to your breaker box where your devices can use it.

Mounting Rack

The mounting rack is how the solar panels are connected to your roof. They are designed to connect to your roof while maintaining a water proof seal. This is important to preserve your roofs integrity.