growatt-inverter-imageWhat Does an Inverter Do and Why Do You Need it?

An inverter is a device which changes the DC power created by a solar cell and changes it into AC power which can be used by your home’s electronic devices and the electrical grid and is a crucial part of your solar system. The inverter also acts as a safety device cutting off the electricity if there are any grid problems.

Micro inverters vs. String Inverters

There are two types of inverters, micro inverters and string inverters. String inverters act as a central system which inverts power from all the solar panels at once. On the other hand micro inverters are connected individually to each panel and they invert each panel separately, with no need for a central inverter. In most cases micro inverters are integrated directly into the solar cell. Micro inverters allow for less loss of your output from things like partial shading or loss from geometry and are slightly more efficient than string inverters. String inverters are less expensive and are work well on installations which are installed on an optimal site with no shading and every panel facing the same direction.