Each semester, Southern Tier Solar Works brings in a team of interns to help with the day-to-day running of the organization. Our interns get hands-on experience in the solar and renewable energy industries, as well as valuable career and skill building opportunities throughout their time with us. Our goal is to help young individuals pave their path in whatever career they choose by giving them the skills and tools that will be required of them in the business world, while working in a fun, inviting environment where they can learn!

Interns gain knowledge and experience in:

renewable energy

public policy



graphic design


social media

and many more valuable career skills!


Want a green career?

Want to reduce climate impacts?

Join the Southern Tier Solar Works Team! We are an innovative solar energy community outreach program of the Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition. STSW is dedicated to promoting a sustainable culture through education, outreach, solar deployment, and workforce development. We partner with local organizations, municipalities, and schools to spread awareness of solar power and grow our local solar industry.

STSW is looking for interns for Summer and Fall 2018 to assist with the continued efforts of this campaign. Interns will assist with conducting community outreach related to solar, energy efficiency, and geothermal energy and support community members in becoming energy and environmental stewards. Interns will gain knowledge and experience in the fields of clean energy, community development, and non-profit work.


Summer: 10 weeks, 20 hrs/week, paid

Fall: Semester, 8 hrs/week, volunteer or for credit

Location: Downtown Binghamton, NY


• Provide educational presentations to a diverse public around the region

• Work with leaders of businesses, non-profits, schools and municipalities on solar and energy efficiency

• Provide quality community service support over phone, in person, and through e-mail

• Market local and statewide energy initiatives

• Assist with organizing public events and program development

• Create/edit marketing and educational materials

• Assist with program reporting and analysis through careful record keeping and data management.


• Undergraduate and students from any discipline may apply

• Students with a demonstrated interest in energy, environmental science, education, social marketing, community organizing, client service, graphic design, and non-profit work are encouraged to apply.

• Strong verbal and written communication skills are a must

• Applicants must enjoying building and applying new skills

• Must be comfortable talking to diverse groups of people in the public

• Strong time management and organizational skills are important

• Community education and outreach experience a plus

• Experience and/or course work related to clean energy is a plus but not required.


• Successful candidates will be notified within a week of their interview at the STSW office.

• Training materials will be sent to interns for review at least a week prior to the start date.

• Initial training occurs during the first week of the internship.

DEADLINE: April 20th, 2018

  • Southern Tier Solar Works Internship - Summer 2018, Fall 2018

  • Students - current school. Non-students - last school you attended
  • Limit 300 words
  • Limit 300 words
  • Limit 200 words
  • For credit interns must make their own arrangements at their respective institution.
  • Please upload as a pdf. Limit 1 page single spaced. File size less than 1MB.
  • Please upload as a pdf. File size less than 1MB.