Cooperstown Chief of Police Mike Covert 

How to Install Solar with Taitem Engineering

Conrad Taylor

Binghamton City Councilman, 4th District

“Southern Tier Solar Works is without a doubt a vital part of the thriving 21st century economy we’re trying to create here in Greater Binghamton. STSW is making sure that the Southern Tier is a leader in the transition from harmful fossil fuels to clean power. On behalf of the City of Binghamton, I can say with complete confidence that we are all very grateful to have such an incredible organization such as Southern Tier Solar Works investing in and educating our community every single day on how to save money and go green.”

Bates Troy

Healthcare Linen Services

In 2015, Bates Troy Healthcare Linen Services unveiled a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) System to help power their facility in Binghamton, NY. Not only does this system reduce their electricity bought from the grid by 70%, but it helps Bates Troy serve their customers even during power outages and shifts away from standard fossil fuels.

“We use natural gas to produce electricity, […] water to cool the generators and then you subsequently use that hot water elsewhere in your process, whether that be domestic hot water or industrial processes.”

Michael Straight

Clean Energy Technology Resources, LLC

“I have been working with Adam Flint and STSW for about 4 years. This organization is being very proactive in bringing the advantages of solar PV and solar thermal technologies to the forefront in fighting the effects of GHG. Adam is one of the most outspoken supporters of solar energy technology in the Southern Tier and New York State. This organization’s ability and willingness to educate the public is a necessity as we move into the carbon free future.”

Terry Woodnorth

Endicott Resident

“I had a solar power system installed on my home in 2014 through a Southern Tier Solar Works campaign. The education and coordination done by STSW made solar power understandable and installation was easily accomplished. STSW provides a valuable community service for learning about solar power and local installation options.”