Community Solar is for Everyone!

Clean, local solar power direct to your utility bill, sign up today!

Community Solar links your utility bill directly to a local solar farm, allowing you to go solar without installing solar on your home! You can either subscribe to a solar farm’s energy or purchase your own panels on the solar farm. There’s nothing to do but sign up! Your portion of the electricity produced on the solar farm is credited directly to your NYSEG utility bill each month. Any NYSEG customer can sign up: renters, homeowners, businesses, non-profits, low income residents, students, anyone who pays their utility bill. 


Get a monthly subscription to electricity produced (kWhr) from the solar farm at a reduced rate compared to your current utility service. Receive locally produced electricity that benefits your community instead of the utility. 


Just like rooftop solar, except the panels are on a community solar farm. Own a section of the panels, receive tax incentives and rebates, and get energy credited to your bill. While purchasing is more money down, you own the panels, so you save more in the long run.

Both options allow you to maintain your solar agreements if you decide to move within your electricity load zone.

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How does Community Solar work?

In 2015, the Public Service Commission enacted legislation that allows people to benefit from a solar farm on their utility bill with something called Remote Net Metering. RNM, as it is abbreviated, allows for you to have a solar panel within your load zone and have the energy that is produced from it credited to your account, rather than the solar panel having to be directly connected to your home.

Why is it important?

Community Shared Solar is an important new step in the field of solar energy for a number of reasons. In New York State, even homeowners struggle with converting to solar because 75% of rooftops are unsuitable for a system due to shading, orientation, and quality of the rooftop, among other issues. People who rent, for the most part, are not allowed to build onto their home. Others struggle with financing their individual solar project.

This model allows an entire community to benefit from a solar farm. That includes those who rent, live in a multi-unit building, or live in an area where your roof just doesn’t get enough sun.

The solar market in New York State is strong. While not everyone is able to put solar panels on their roof, there are options for everyone to save money, reduce their carbon footprint, and go solar today. Community solar, sometimes known as “shared solar”, is a great way to expand access to solar energy for all. Nearby solar farms use sunlight to produce electricity, and users can either subscribe to buy energy for their home or apartment OR purchase their own panels that stay at the farm.  Energy is delivered the same way it always has been, from the electric provider. You’ll be credited right on your electric bill for your portion of the shared solar project.