As Southern Tier Solar Works has expanded its community presence, we have collaborated with unique groups in Binghamton and the Southern Tier. As we expand these partnerships, we hope to inspire the public to imagine the potential of solar energy through community art and the fostering of young minds.


Dept. of Public Art

who are they?

The Dept. of Public Art, a self-described “committed group of artists and activists who are creating public art in Binghamton”, is a clever misnomer as the city of Binghamton has no official art department. Sponsored by the Center for Gender, Art, & Culture and QuarterYellow Studios, the Dept. runs mural art classes and mural projects, among other city art activities. They recently partnered with reBOLD Binghamton to create and run MuralFest 2016 at Binghamton’s Cheri Lindsey Park, which combined community engagement with public art.

them + us

With similar interests in community outreach and art, Southern Tier Solar Works has partnered with the Dept. to create a solar art workshop. In the workshop, community members have the opportunity to learn more about solar energy while creating their own solar-powered lantern. This program is made possible in part through a grant from the United Cultural Fund, a program of the Broome County Arts Council.

Check out their website by clicking on the link below!

Land Art Generator Initiative

who are they?

The Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) founded in 2008 by Elizabeth Monoian and Robert Ferry and inspired by the vibrant city of Dubai, merges the worlds of art, design, and sustainability to create functional city art pieces. The LAGI project hosts biennial design competitions for different sites, now expanded to multiple countries including Denmark and the United States. Furthermore, the LAGI project also places a major focus on education and outreach to stress the importance of the transition to renewable energy while consistently proving that “renewable energy can be beautiful”.

them + us 

Now recognized as one of the world’s most followed sustainable design events, LAGI embodies similar goals and targets identical issues as Southern Tier Solar Works, creating the foundation for a perfect partnership. STSW is in process of applying for a grant with ArtPlace America to bring a solar creative placemaking piece to Binghamton, working with LAGI as a partner.

Check out their website by clicking on their logo below!


Some photos from STSW’s presentation to Tiger Ventures in December 2016: the students learned about solar energy and made solar-powered cars

Tiger Ventures

who are they?

Tiger Ventures is an innovative pilot program focusing on entrepreneurial teaching for 8th and 9th graders in Union-Endicott school district. The students have a unique opportunity to work on independent business projects, overseen by local businesses.

them + us 

Southern Tier Solar Works first presented to the group in December 2016. Due to student interest post-presentation, STSW now holds a weekly mentorship program for the students.

To learn more about Tiger Ventures or if you are a business partner interested in mentoring or incubator ventures, click on the image below.

Tiger Ventures Logo

Green Design Lab™: K-Solar Professional Development for teachers

who are they?

The Green Design Lab™ is a program created and designed by Solar One, New York City’s Green Energy Education Center. This one-of-a-kind program focuses on teaching students about sustainability and the environmental issues society faces today. The award-winning curriculum includes fun, hands-on activities focusing on renewable energy and upcoming green technology. Furthermore, the program transforms the school building itself into a learning experience by reducing the schools own energy use. Green Design Lab™ makes learning about green energy exciting and prepares students for green careers in the future.

them + us 

The Green Design Lab™ offers a wide variety of programming workshops for students, training for teachers, and a strong network of resources and other teaching tools. Solar One is coming to the Southern Tier to offer free professional development training for teachers, organized in part by Southern Tier Solar Works. The ultimate goal of the teacher training is to connect the field of solar energy to the classroom curriculum. Solar energy fits perfectly into the classroom bringing together a wide spectrum of subjects from STEM to sustainability to policy. This teacher training offers many hands-on activities to be passed on to the classroom including Energy: What’s Watt! and All Hands on Solar!

We helped organize two separate K-Solar events. The first takes place on May 19th at Union-Endicott District office for elementary school teachers. The second took place on May 20th at Binghamton University for middle school and high school teachers. It was a very successful event with collaboration and access to the latest clean energy education!

Check out more about Green Design Labs™ by clicking on their logo below.